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Cancer Type: Anal Cancer

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Bio: My name is Michele and I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Anal Cancer in February 2010. I asked my OB-Gyn doctor to check what I thought was a hemorrhoid flare up at my routine pap smear visit, and discovered it was actually 2 tumors. My constant sciatica was found to be caused by a golf ball sized tumor growing out…more
Cancer Type: Anal Cancer
Stage of Cancer: Stage 4 cancer
Medical Term for the Type of Cancer: Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the anus
Anal Cancer Symptoms: Rectal bleeding, itching, sciatic pain. (thought my hemorhoid was acting up)
Surgery Description, Dates & Side Effects: Laminectomy and tumor removal of the metestatic sacral tumor. This was done microscopically (with a small spoon). Nov 2012 Wedge resection right lower lobe via thoracotomy.
Chemotherapy Description, Dates & Side Effects: 2 rounds, 96 hours each week 1 and week 5 during radiation of 5-FU. Mytomycin-C first round only. Hairloss, nausea, vomiting, 30 pounds of weight loss. Recurrence 2013- 4 rounds of Cisplatin with 46 hours of 5-FU with each round.

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Bio: Diagnosed with T3N1MO Anal cancer at the age of 46.
Cancer Type: Anal Cancer
Stage of Cancer: Stage 3 cancer
Medical Term for the Type of Cancer: T3 N1 M0
Anal Cancer Symptoms: Pain. Blood/discharge.
Chemotherapy Description, Dates & Side Effects: 1 round of IV Mitomycin and 28 days of oral chemo Capecitabine 18th March 2019 for 5.5 weeks run concurrently with Chemo.

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Vital Info


May 17, 2019

Atlanta, Georgia 30318

March 21, 1959

Cancer Info

Anal Cancer

squamous cell carcinoma

September 1, 2018

Stage 3A

2.1 - 3.0 cm


Fluorouracil (5-FU)

That our treatment options are so limited and barbaric.

Stay in the moment. Going forward or back causes fear.

My family/friends have been amazing. Its me who doesn't ask for help when I need it.

organic foods, High PH water,

Local nodes

Its been 6 months out but I would still love a meal now and then,

Emory University in Atlanta

walk everyday even if your ass is on fire (which it will be), keep your weight up, drink lots of water, I used Callendula/lidocaine cream for burns.

Pray, meditate and cry when you need to...

November 27, 2018

First scan 3/1/19 with residual disease. Repeat scan due June 2019.

pain attributed to hem or may anal fissure. Treated for hemorrhoids for approx 6 months before DX. Slight rectal bleeding, pain, pressure, difficulty with BM's. IBS type symptoms. Found lump vaginally first.

30 days Oct 2018-Nov 2018 burns, painful urination, BM's


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